Decorating The Home With Neutral Colours

Decorating The Home With Neutral Colours

There’s something special about neutral colours. When one sees them in fashion, it denotes timelessness, simplicity, and elegance. Somehow, it also reflects an attempt to blend in which is usually remarked amongst the rich. Yet, you could simply differentiate just by the way they put pieces together. Now, decorating your home with neutral colours is no exception. But instead of accessories to serve as the clean slate to highlight it, house décor gives the necessary accents.

What are considered neutral colours?

Often, these colours are anything near white, grey, brown, and beige. They are also known as the earth colours that feature flexibility. It may blend with a theme that acquires the same shades. Or it can complement a chosen lineup of hues apart from the mentioned ones.

How should you decorate in neutral colours?

homes design plans and display homes MelbourneNeutral colours pave the way for the utmost potential of any creative mind. Stay in one palette and neutral colours could give you depth. Play with elements of marble, acid wash, and plain cement and it could give you attitude. Enjoy its simplicity and minimalist essence to bring out a sophisticated theme. Visiting display homes in Melbourne or near you can give you an insight into how you might want your house to look like.

What vibe do neutral colours bring out from each room?

In the bedroom: Bring out the earthy colours to calm and soothe a busy mind. Expect that you will lay low most of the time in expressing an opinion, deriving into an idea, and showing enthusiasm if you are in your room. It’s because using neutral colours reflects how guarded you are in sharing your feelings and keeping your privacy intact. Neutral colours may denote European classic ambience but psychologically, it shows your reservations and control. So, if you always are busy at work or outside the house, not finding the time to rest, your room painted with neutral colours may help boost rejuvenation.

In the kitchen: If 90% of your home is in neutral hues, the mood is more likely neutral as well. Psychologists say darker neutral hues bring out a heavier mood and vice versa. A good balance of both for the kitchen may be the perfect choice with a few greens to encourage freshness and counter excessive boring neutrality. Use wood and marble when dealing with your countertops to complement neutral colours perfectly.

In the living room: The living room decorated in neutral hues may be accentuated with a fireplace or a ceiling fan which may altogether relax guests as soon as they reach your living room. These colours say a lot about you being careful in disclosing your true feelings publicly and how you keep your personal life exclusively. Mysterious characters in a movie are built up with an interior design that contains darker neutral colour or a plain neutral appeal. Consider Christian Grey’s living room in the movie, “50 Shades of Grey” and Harvey Specter’s in the series, “Suits”. Both men are beautiful, but there’s a whole lot more to that. The colour scheme can be set as per the home design plans and the mood opted by the homeowner.

In the bathroom: This follows the same pattern. Having your bathroom in neutral colours reflects how important privacy is for you. It means, you choose the people you show your real self with, and as much as possible, you would contain it before you are assured that the person can be fully trusted.

Generally, if you match neutral finish with something bold like teal, magenta, black, or

red, it tweaks it into a different theme. Also, if more than 50% of your accents or décor are in non-neutral tones, then you are more likely embracing a different idea. On the other hand, if most of the decors in the house embrace greys, burgundies, and ecru, the owner must exude qualities like being careful when it comes to decision-making, choosing to always be in harmony with the others, and lastly, keeping their territory as they mark their comfort zones.