Modern Design Uses For Timber

Modern Design Uses For Timber

Wood and wood products had been part of construction for generations. Timber had made its way to the industry effortlessly because of the unique look it adds up to any interior and exterior façades of buildings and structures that aim for modern designs. 

Timber Battens

Generally, a batten is a strip of timber (sometimes plastic, or steel), used in buildings and construction. Typically, they raise the surface of any material as spacers, but they could also be a secondary framework to which a platform can get affixed.

They are strips of timber laid out in a linear series separated by small spaces in between. Timber battens are a design feature used to improve the exterior and interior of a home as a cladding attachment to ceilings or walls. They can then further be used as an interior décor piece by adding a coating of Timber oil to bring out the natural grain and color of the wood.


How Timber Battens can be used:

Giving a room or an area a unique outlook.
When you use materials like batten or boards, it can make an entryway smaller, and a bathroom appear larger. Depending on what size you consider, it creates a vibe like no other material could. 

Home aesthetics
Beyond its aesthetic capacity, timber battens are versatile to have plenty of uses.  


-For the ceiling:

 Timber battens define spaces within a floorplan that are open, like that of a dining area or a kitchen. Battened screens, on the other hand, divide off spaces into sections, without leaving the room with a dark appeal. Instead, it adds warmth and effectively highlights the cabinetry. If you’re reluctant, try to cover a small space first like a drop ceiling, rather than doing the whole room’s ceiling right away. 


-Timber batten cabinets:       

 With warmth as one of its feature vibes, timber neutralizes the coldness of tiles, porcelain, and stone, especially when coupled with a natural black timber stain that brings out its beautiful grain and color. It may not be advisable to invest in a timber batten cabinetry because of the exposure to wet areas in the kitchen like countertops and the sink


-As batten screens:    

 A good display for staircases while allowing a generous natural light to seep through. It also tickles the senses with a filtered view of the room next to it.


In stylizing the bathroom:     

Knowing that timber should not be used in wet areas, such as the bathroom is very important. Stone, tiles, and porcelain are more commonly used in these water-prone areas, like the Bathroom and Kitchen. An alternative, such as a waterproof composite timber, balances it with warmth following up a home’s aim of being a welcoming sanctuary.


Setting up the mood

Lighting is one of the significant factors in creating mood and facilitating the transfer of energy. Amazingly, timber battens can control sunlight and shade. As for the ambiance, it also can improve acoustics. Take note of that. 


Timber battens, when used as a linear screen allow plenty of natural light, warming the room as it filters through the spaces in between. While it preserves privacy, it also promotes a sense of openness and visual connection overall.

Any Timber product will serve well to add a natural feel and aesthetic to your home or your next project. However, always remember with natural products, comes natural decay, so ensure you’re regularly monitoring your wooden products for rot or mold.